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From the stage

March 15, 2011

Life, the universe, and everything have gotten in the way. At least, that’s my excuse for falling behind on sharing clips from the weekly Get Poetry open-mic at The Boiler Room in Kalispell. But you don’t have to wait for me. Thanks to the talented poet, comedian, and podcaster Mat Lee of The Jamhole, the open-mic streams live every Sunday around 4 p.m. MDT. Even better, I’m helping to lead a writing workshop before the event each week, starting at 2 p.m. So come hear us live—and share some of your own work—if you’re in the area.

Live feed link here
Event location info here

To catch you up, here are couple of my recent clips. Enjoy!

Poems in this reading are “circles,” “Giving Up,” and “Heroine.”

Poems in this reading are “sketch,” “Packed,” and “Inspiration.”


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