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Ditching the Dog

If you found this page, you are likely seeking crew for a bluewater crossing. And we, Julie & George, are ready to set sail.

In a nutshell, we will be traveling from the U.S. to Australia to visit family in Sydney and wish to join a boat for a few legs. We envision committing about 8 weeks aboard and are available from September 2012.

Julie & GeorgeWe are a happy, easygoing couple. Considerate and nurturing, we make a good team. Conversational and contemplative, we make good company. We are both seasoned travelers, open-minded and respectful to all. Julie, 36, is an editor, author, and poet. George, 44, is a carpenter by trade.

Active in the local sailing community, we find ourselves welcome aboard a variety of boats. Between racing and cruising, we are on the water 2–3 days a week for most of our season. Julie is entering her third year of sailing and continues to prove herself a quick study. She has a good feel for the helm and is developing a fair eye for trim. Her crew experiences range from buoy races to 4-day excursions, which have included night sailing. George has been sailing for 30 years, including a bluewater hitch from Bora Bora to New Zealand. He has codirected the sailing program at a local youth camp, lived aboard, and single-handed. As a boat owner, he is well practiced in performing maintenance, repairs, and basic mechanics. He has had first aid/rescue training in alpine, swift water, and marine environments.

Julie & GeorgeAside from sailing, we enjoy many other recreational opportunities in our home region of NW Montana, including snow skiing, hiking, paddling, and fishing. We both hold PADI c-cards and can’t wait to return to warm, clear water. We are skilled and innovative cooks, accustomed to creating flavorful meals with limited resources and space. (The canned Argentine beef can stay deep in the bilge; you won’t miss it.) Other shared pleasures include music, dance, reading, gardening, and the-dog-who-will-be-ditched (Porter, the inspiration for this page’s title). Julie is an avid practitioner of Vinyasha yoga. George has yet to catch the habit, but he can squeeze pretty far into an engine compartment.

Hopefully this introduction prompts you to consider us as helpful additions to your voyage. Please contact us so that we can open a dialogue and learn more about one another. Also, please pass this on to other cruisers who may be seeking crew. Thank you for your time; we look forward to hearing from you.

Fair winds and safe harbor, George & Julie

George George & Porter Julie

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